District Plan Changes

What is a Plan Change?

A Plan Change is an amendment to an operative District Plan. There are a number of reasons for doing a Plan Change, including meeting emerging community needs or meeting new legislative requirements.  How Plan Changes proceed is governed by the Resource Management Act.

Plan Changes can be initiated by Council or members of the public. When Plan Changes are initiated by members of the public these are called Private Plan Changes, and in some cases councils choose to take over a Private Plan Change on behalf of the community. Plan Changes always require community consultation as part of the process. Often councils also choose to undertake an informal community engagement process before publicly notifying a proposed Plan Change for consultation.

Current Plan Changes

Private Plan Change 78 - Estuary Estates

Open for submission until 4.30pm, 28 May 2020.

Private Plan Change 78 (PPC78) was lodged on 3 December 2019 by Mangawhai Central Limited. PPC78 seeks to rezone 130ha of land contained within the Estuary Estates Structure Plan of the operative Kaipara District Plan 2013 (the District Plan), PPC78 area comprises of 83 Molesworth Drive, and Lots 1 and 4 DP 314200 Old Waipu Road, Mangawhai.

Completed Plan Changes (since 2013)

Withdrawn or declined Plan Changes:

(Private) Plan Change 1 (finalised July 2017)
Private Plan Change 1 by the Li Liangren Family Trust (“Trust”) sought to rezone 4.78 hectares of a 20.2896 hectare site on the southern side of Komiti Road, Tinopai, described as Lot 1 DP 403278, from Rural (Harbour Overlay) to Residential (Harbour Overlay).

Plan Change 2 (finalised September 2016)
Fire Safety was notified in response to implementation and compliance issues that caused some frustration within the Kaipara community. It was withdrawn in 2016.

Operative Plan Changes:

(Private) Plan Change 3 (operative October 2017)
Private Plan Change No.3 proposes to change the zone of Lot 1 DP 341981 (7,863m2) at the corner of Estuary, Molesworth and Norfolk Drives from Residential (Harbour Overlay) to Business Commercial (Harbour Overlay).

Plan Change 4 Fire Safety Rules
Fire Safety was notified in response to implementation and compliance issues that caused some frustration within the Kaipara community.

Plan Change (National Environment Standard) - Plantation Forestry
Council confirmed at the 25 October 2018 meeting to approve amendments to the Operative District Plan in accordance with the requirements of the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry Regulations 2017, in accordance with sections 44A(4), (5) and (6) of the Resource Management Act. 

Plan corrections

These are plan changes that are not required to go through a formal public process as they are minor in nature.

Refining NZ Company Limited Designation Conditions adopted 30 May 2019

Conditions attached to Designation D63 were omitted and are now included in the District Plan

Clause 20A correction of the District Plan maps for Chases Gorge Camp at Baylys Beach

The wrong maps were included in the District Plan and have been replaced with the correct maps.

Clause 20A correction of the District Plan Maps re Underlying Zonings of Designations and cadastral corrections

This notice deals with the corrections of various maps with regards to split zonings, updating of road stoppings or realignment of paper roads and the underlying zonings of Designations or Notices of Requirements which are inconsistent with the text of the District Plan.

The following corrections were made to the District Plan Maps

Split Zonings:

  1. Accept a list of properties, which have a split zoning;
  2. Correct the access road location along Shag Lake;
  3. Correct the zoning of stopped road on the corner of Gladstone and Victoria Streets;
  4. Correct the alignment of the previous paper road to the location of the permanent road on the Mangawhai Peninsula


Correct the underlying zonings according to the provisions in

the Operative District Plan Schedule:

  • 16 Designations from Rural to Residential
  • 5 Designations from Rural to Commercial
  • 2 Designations from Rural to Industrial
  • 5 Designations from no zoning to Rural; and
  • 1 Designation from Rural to Maori Land

All the maps have been replaced with the operative date 26/02/2020

Inclusion of Designation D66 NZTA Matakohe Bridges

To include the Matakohe Bridges as Designation D66 in the District Plan. Conditions to follow.

Alteration of Designation D53 SH12 Matakohe D53/1

To provide for safety improvements at the intersection of D53 and D66 with the re-alignment of SH12 at Matakohe. Conditions to follow and also affected by Resource Consent RM180468. 

Correction to the Traffic Intensity calculation for forestry

To correct Note 4 to Rule 12.10.18 regarding Traffic Intensity in line with the Court’s Consent Order