Our Vision

Council vision

Climate smart - Climate change and its impacts are reduced through community planning

  • Mitigation of climate change through community planning
  • Adaptation of our communities for climate change
  • Reducing Council’s carbon footprint
  • Encouraging and supporting alternative industries
  • Drought management

Healthy environment – Our natural environment is protected and open to the community

  • Protect and promote our natural ecosystems
  • Incentivise protection of natural areas
  • Advocate for the environment
  • Minimise volume and impact of waste on the environment
  • Maintain wastewater and stormwater infrastructure
  • Support green space - community gardens, subdivisions and zoning

Celebrating diversity – our local heritage and culture are valued and reflected in the community

  • Embrace our bi-cultural values, principles and practices
  • Continue to build our Iwi and hapū relationships
  • Support and develop Māori economic potential
  • Support public galleries, libraries, archives and museums

A Trusted Council - An open organisation working for our community

  • Operate in a business-like manner
  • Manage debt with a focus on a strong balance sheet
  • Easy to do business with - clear processes
  • Consistent service delivery
  • Friendly and welcoming
  • Transparency in decision making and reporting
  • Fair to everyone

Prosperous economy - Development is encouraged, supported and sustainable

  • Create a simple and enabling District Plan
  • Use a wide range of funding opportunities to build the local economy
  • Ensure utilities and roading have capacity for District growth
  • Support growth through development and financial contributions
  • Support tourism initiatives

Vibrant communities - Kaipara communities offer an attractive place to live and visit

  • Connect our towns and communities with each other
  • Promote Kaipara as an attractive place to live and visit
  • Make it easy to get things done with Council
  • Provide sufficient sports and recreation areas
  • Continue to improve and upgrade Council public facilities
  • Celebrate our two harbours & two coasts