Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

A CoC gives you confirmation that your building work or activity is permitted.

Do you need a CoC?

A CoC is not mandatory under the Resource Management Act 1991, but if you do want confirmation that your proposed building work or activity is permitted under the District Plan and any relevant National Environmental Standards (and therefore can be carried out without a resource consent), then you can apply for one.

A CoC will provide you with certainty before you begin your work.  It is a legal document that is treated as if it were a resource consent.  A CoC lapses in the same way as a resource consent (e.g. you have five years to ‘give effect’ to it) and then even if the District Plan changes in that time and makes the activity 'non-permitted', you can still rely on the CoC to undertake the work or operate the activity.  Having a CoC can be useful when applying for finance, however the requirements can be rigorous as it is your responsibility to provide evidence that your activity will be permitted.

What you need to provide in your application for a CoC.

  • A full description of the proposed activity - the level of detail depends on the nature of the proposal and the rules you need to comply with.
  • A description of the site where the work will be carried out.
  • A clear explanation of how the proposed activity meets all the provisions of the Kaipara District Plan and any relevant National Environmental Standards.  You may choose to present this information as a table, listing each provision and how the proposed activity complies.
  • All necessary plans, details and calculations to be checked against the relevant plan. For a new building, for example, detailed plans may be necessary.
  • Certificate of title and registered interests for the application site/s.


Once your application is complete, you will need to lodge both a hard copy and an electronic copy with Council. You will also need to pay the associated application fee and until this is paid the Council will not accept your application.

You can provide an electronic copy of your application via email to rmaconsents@kaipara.govt.nz

Your hard copy can be posted to the below address or you can also drop it off at the customer service centre in Mangawhai or Dargaville.

Resource Consent Applications
Kaipara District Council
Unit 6, 6 Molesworth Drive
Mangawhai 0505


We will assess the information you provide to determine if the activity complies with all relevant rules.  If we need further information then we will contact you.

We will issue a CoC within 20 working days of the date:

  • you submit your application; or
  • on which we receive further information, if requested.