Raupo Drainage Committee Elections

The Raupo Drainage Committee is the longest serving committee in the district, and was formally known as the Raupo Drainage Board before the 1989 amalgamations. Over the years its role and responsibilities have varied, but its main function is to help govern the Raupo Drainage District by advising Council and acting as a voice for Raupo ratepayers.

Both Councillors and ratepayers sit on the Committee, working co-operatively for the District. The ratepayer representatives on the Committee are elected every three (3) years, in the same year as the Local Authorities Elections (next one being in October 2022).

Formal Results as at 25 July 2022

1)    Ian Beattie

2)    Greg Gent

3)    David Hart

4)    Grace Le Gros

5)    Brian Madsen

6)    Ross McKinley 

At the Council meeting held 27 July 2022 the abovementioned six people were confirmed as the ratepayer members of the Raupo Drainage Committee.