Certificate for Public Use

If you own, occupy or control premises intended for public use affected by building work, you should be aware of safety measures for public access until the build is signed off as complete.

Premises with free and open access are typically classified as premises intended for public use. Examples may include shopping centres as well as premises where the public pay a fee to enter, such as a sports stadium, swimming pool or zoo.

Public premises can only be occupied if a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) has been issued or if a Certificate for Public Use (CPU) is in place. It is an offence to occupy or use a building without either a CCC or CPU. These certificates may apply to all or part of a building.

You can apply for a CPU when a Building Consent has been granted for building work in a building that is to be used by the public, but no CCC has been issued yet.

This certificate enables the public to use the premises until a CCC is granted.

Anyone owning, occupying, or controlling premises intended for public use can apply for a CPU.

Applications for a CPU can be completed on the appropriate Form 15. We may also need to inspect the building.

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