Dos and don'ts for exercising your dog, Kaipara District Council

Dos and don'ts for exercising your dog

There are designated dog exercise areas and parks around and on our beaches.

Please view link to Council's Policy on Dogs and Dog Management Bylaw. 

Please view the link to Council's Where can I walk my dog? map.

All dogs need and love to exercise, so it is important that dog owners know about the range of areas available for on and off-leash dog walking and where dogs are prohibited.  There are also some general rules and tips for exercising your dog(s).

The Where can I walk my dog? map shows you:

  • Where you can exercise your dog OFF the leash (Green)
  • Where you can only exercise your dog ON the leash (Yellow)
  • Where you can't exercise your dog (Red)
  • Where you can sometimes exercise your dog (Orange)

Useful information

  • You must always carry a leash with you.

  • Dogs must be on a leash on roads and footpaths.

  • Your dog can be exercised off-leash and under control in any reserve or park unless identified as a prohibited, or permanent/time restricted on-leash area. Remember to look for signs.

  • Keep a safe distance from small children before letting the dog off a leash. Dogs are prohibited within 10 metres of public playgrounds unless fenced.

  • Remove and dispose of any dog faeces appropriately.

  • Exercise caution in areas where there are sports groups or families.

  • Please respect the rights of others using public places and do not let your dog disturb or scare them.

  • Take some water along for your dog to drink when you are finished exercising.

For more information see our Dog Management Bylaw. Any breaches of the rules may result in fines from $100-$300.