Bylaws are local laws or regulations, enforceable by Council staff or nominated agencies or staff.

Most bylaws are made under the Local Government Act 2002. Some other Acts also empower the Council to make bylaws on specific topics, and the bylaws may be supported by accompanying policies. 

Our bylaws cover a wide range of Council functions.  

When making, amending or revoking a bylaw, we consult with the public before making a decision. 


Alcohol Control Bylaw

This Bylaw's purpose is to reduce alcohol-related harm through the control of alcohol in public places. 

The interactive map shows where an alcohol control area (liquor ban) is in place. People are not allowed to drink or possess alcohol in theses alcohol control areas, whether in the open or in a car during the hours stipulated on the map. The Bylaw allows for exceptions within an alcohol control area for events and special occasions.

Alcohol Control Bylaw 2018

Alcohol Control Area maps

Alcohol Control Bylaw FAQ

Local Government Act 2002

Exemption under Kaipara District Alcohol Control Bylaw 2018

Consolidated General Bylaw

This Bylaw includes an introduction Part with some clauses that apply to all the other Parts of the Bylaw and ten individual Parts that cover a range of matters across the District. Click on the link to see the full Bylaw or click into an individual Part if that is what you are specifically interested in.

Consolidated General Bylaw 2020

Introduction Part 1

Public Places Part 2

Trading in Public Places (& trading as a Hawker, Mobile Shop or Itinerant Trader) Part 3

Public Nuisances Part 4

Signs Part 5

Keeping of Animals, Poultry, Stock and Bees Part 6

Cemeteries and Crematoria Part 7

Traffic Part 8

Solid Waste Part 9

Water Supply Part 10


Dog Bylaw

This Bylaw sets standards of control that must be observed by dog owners, including the areas stipulated in the Policy on Dogs where dogs are prohibited or allowed on-leash or off-leash. 

Dog Management Bylaw 2019

Policy on Dogs 2019

Schedule 3 maps

Dog walking areas (Online Maps)

Do's and don’ts for exercising your dog

Taharoa Domain Bylaws 2019

This Bylaw supports the policies of the Reserve Management Plan for the Taharoa Domain in controlling the aquatic activities on lakes in the Reserve. It should be read in conjunction with Northland Regional Council’s Navigation Safety Bylaw 2017.

Taharoa Domain Bylaws 2019

Kai Iwi Lakes (Taharoa Domain) Reserve Management Plan 2016

NRC Navigation Safety Bylaw

Local Government Act 2002

Reserves Act 1977

Wastewater Drainage Bylaw

Our Wastewater Drainage Bylaw ensures we can protect Council’s wastewater assets and supports public health and environmental concerns by regulating onsite wastewater systems.  

Wastewater Drainage Bylaw


Stormwater and Land Drainage Bylaw

The Stormwater and Land Drainage Bylaw ensures Council's various stormwater and land drainage assets are appropriately protected and managed.

Stormwater and Land Drainage Bylaw