Health and Safety

Kaipara District Council puts great value on the Health and Safety of its staff, the public and workers contracting to Council, to formalise this commitment Council has prepared and documented a Health & Safety Policy. Council has also developed a Health & Safety Strategy to help make the Kaipara district one of the best places in New Zealand to live, work and play.

Undertaking contracted works for Council

Council contracted work is categorised according to risk, the higher the risk the more Council will require of the contractor. To see how the work you undertake is categorised view the Contractor Risk Rating Chart.

All contractors that undertake Medium or High Risk Work for Council must be registered with SiteWise and have qualified to a level of 75% or above, (SiteWise Green), when certified to “Green”, Council will add the contractor to its preferred contractors list.

Council in conjunction with SiteSafe will facilitate training for any organisation needing assistance with meeting the SiteWise prequalification criteria.

The process of working for Council is shown in the Kaipara District Council Contractor Flow Chart and Contractor Supervision Guide.

Work on Council buildings and offices

Contractors working at Kaipara District Council offices and properties must abide by the health and safety requirements for such work.

Those considering this work should review the Kaipara District Council contractor induction and then check they conform to our requirements given in the document Working at KDC Contractors Guide.

Community groups undertaking work with Council support

Council encourages any community groups that undertake projects in the Kaipara region to work in a safe and organised way. This is particularly important for projects that have financial support from Council.

To assist groups with their safety planning a Project Safety Plan Template has been produced for free download.

The template contains most of the templates an organisation will need to manage their safety along with an explanation of how to assess risk.

Reporting during the contract

Kaipara District Council must be informed of any serious accidents or incidents as soon as possible. Some accidents will need to be reported as Notifiable events to WorkSafe.

All contractors must complete the KDC Monthly Contractors Report Form at the end of each month's work. Contractors undertaking brief work for Council should complete the form at the conclusion of their contract.

An example of a completed form can be found here.