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Kaipara District Council resource consent information

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA or Act) provides the legal framework for resource management decision-making. The Act governs the management of land, subdivision, water, soil resources, the coast, air and pollution control (including noise control). The purpose of the Act is to promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.

The services provided by the Resource Consent Team here at Kaipara District Council are primarily for achieving the objectives and policies of the District Plan, a document intended to inform the future of development in the Kaipara district. We are responsible for administering the resource consent process under the scope of the District Plan and ensuring development occurs in a manner that contributes to a prosperous and sustainable future.

A resource consent allows a person or organisation to carry out an activity that will use either natural resources, physical resources or have an adverse effect on the environment. We issue resource consents for land use and subdivision.

Please click on the links in the top left for comprehensive guidance on the resource consent process from pre-application advice to monitoring.

Do I need resource consent?

If your project has the potential to impact the environment you may require resource consent. The team at Kaipara District Council can help you with a range of planning needs and requirements such as:

Resource and subdivision consent application advice and processing;
Advice on how provisions in the District Plan and RMA may affect your project;
Advice on working with affected persons and Tangata Whenua;
Information and support during notification and hearings processes of resource consents;
Monitoring methodology and extent of compliance with the District Plan and RMA.
If you think you need resource consent but require more information or are not sure of the requirements surrounding the resource consent process you are encouraged to call Council on 0800 727 059 and lodge a request to speak to a member of our Resource Consent Team. Alternatively if you have plans and preliminary details of your application you can book a meeting to discuss your proposal with one of Council's planners.  They can look over your project plan and point out some of the things you will need to consider to lodge your application.

Forms and Guides

There are a number of guidance documents to assist customers with determining whether they need resource consent, what type of consent to apply for and whether consent applications are likely to be acceptable to Council.  These documents are prepared by Council planners to provide user-friendly advice to get customers started on their resource consent applications.

Click on the links below to download.  Hard copies are also available on request from Customer Services. A full set of the most up to date application forms are also available.

Resource consent forms
Fees and Charges

Application Process