Engineering Standards

Council's Engineering Standards are a reference document to the Kaipara District Plan. The District Plan in one of the main 'triggers' for when the Engineering Standards must be complied with.

The Engineering Standards were last updated in 2011. Most engineering matters are retained as a reference to Council's Engineering Standards in the Matters of Assessment within the District Plan, rather than being incorporated within the rule itself. However, for those aspects of the Standards that have clear effects on the environment, these are incorporated within the rule itself, for example vehicle crossings.

Engineering Standards 2011

Table of Contents 
Part One - General Provisions
Part Two - General Design Provisions 
Part Three - Quality Assurance Requirements
Part Four - Land Stability and Earthworks
Part Five - Roads and Access 
Part Six - Stormwater Drainage
Part Seven - Wastewater Reticulation and On-Site Treatment
Part Eight - Water Supply and Reticulation
Part Nine - Landscape Design and Practice
Part Ten - Network Utilities
Appendix A - Drawings: Index
Appendix A - Drawings: Part One
Appendix A - Drawings: Part Two
Appendix A - Drawings: Part Three
Appendix A - Drawings: Part Four
Appendix B - Mangawhai EcoCare Project: Pump Stations Communication Standard
Kaipara District Council Engineering Standards 2011 (whole document)