Home Kitchens (Domestic)

It is possible to operate from a domestic home kitchen under the Food Act 2014. You will need to consider the following rules as part of your application:

  • Zoning under the District Plan – confirming whether you can operate your business in your local area
  • Approval from the landlord in the case of a rented or leased property
  • Building Consent – where you may need to modify the premises to accommodate the business
  • Potable water supply – if you are not operating on a reticulated system (source and treatment)
  • Grease trap – this may be required, especially if the property is connected to a council sewage system.
  • Signage rules regarding the property and operation
  • Food handling requirements
  • Obtaining the appropriate licence to operate

The following are forms to assist you:

Please refer to the current fees and charges register for costs relating to registering and operating a food business.