Mangawhai Central

Mangawhai Central is a planned large-scale development that includes commercial, retail and residential centres connecting the Mangawhai village and Heads. This land is owned by Mangawhai Central Limited.

The area comprises of approximately 130 hectares of land located on the upper Mangawhai Harbour.

Existing Chapter 16 – Estuary Estate

Development has been anticipated in this area with the existing Chapter 16 of the District Plan – (Estuary Estates) providing the initial vision. Chapter 16 contains objectives, policies and rules together with design guidelines that manage and control the development of land resources within the zone. Developers, would require a resource consent if the proposed development (land use and subdivision) does not meet the requirements and standards of the zone

Resource consents to date

At this stage, Mangawhai Central Limited (MCL) has used the existing Chapter 16 and general District Plan to apply for subdivision and land use consents to develop the site. These include:

RM180243 Earthworks (granted October 2018) This consent allows the developer to excavate and fill parts of the site for the proposed development
RM190096 Additional earthworks (importation fill) (granted May 2019) This consent allows the developer to bring in quality filled materials for parts of the site heavily comprised of clay soil
RM190129 Molesworth Drive upgrade (granted December 2019) This consent allows the developer to upgrade Molesworth Drive comprising two round-abouts and four lanes between the round-abouts
RM190282 Supermarket and associated development (granted May 2020)

This consent allows the development of a new supermarket, carparks and other business areas

RM190283 Subdivision of the service zone (granted May 2020) This consent allows the developer to subdivide the existing service zone into 15 lots for industrial and commercial development
RM200123 New World Pylon Sign Two free standing signs displaying the New World operating hours to be located at both the north and south entrances into the site
RM200124 New Business Pylon Sign Establish a ‘cube pylon’ sign to be located at the entrance to the future Mangawhai Central supermarket and mainstreet development

For more information on these consents, please email


There is an existing wastewater main which runs along the southern boundary of the site which is proposed to be relocated into the boundaries of the upgraded Molesworth Drive reserve corridor. All new wastewater connections resulting from the development will be connected back to the relocated wastewater main and serviced by the reticulated network.

Is the Wastewater System at capacity?

The system is operating within capacity and there are budgeted improvements that will accommodate growth. The system is modular, allowing for expansion to various parts of the wastewater network.

Mangawhai wastewater infographic

Mangawhai Community Wastewater Infographic.

(Click to enlarge)

The Council has Activity Management Plans for three critical areas that define the 'capacity' of the system

  • The extent of the reticulation system
  • The wastewater plant
  • The disposal system

The reticulation system is extended as and when required to connect with new developments and customers. Developers have opportunity to use technology that would manage the flow of sewage to the plant.

The demand for the plant is highest in summer when there is a higher population.  Recent changes to the system include sand traps, which improve the output quality of treated wastewater and blowers which increase efficiency.  Future budgeted improvements include an additional tank, which will accommodate the summer surge before it is processed.

Water, recovered through the process, is currently disposed of through a field in Browns Road.  With increasingly dry summers and more frequent droughts, we are exploring opportunities to recycle the water for irrigation as part of a circular economy. 

How is the wastewater scheme funded?

The Mangawhai wastewater scheme cost $58m in 2012.  The Capital cost was allocated as follows:

  • $13.4m to existing properties that connected or were capable of connecting at the time
  • $26.2m by future property developers, to be collected through development contributions
  • $18.4m through district-wide rates, which has now been reduced to around 1.4m through sale of Council land and other assets and funds from the Office of the Auditor General.

How is additional capacity funded?

The current Long Term Plan (2018-2028) identified a range of interventions that would be required to meet the expected growth.  This included Estuary Estates (the precursor to Mangawhai Central) and other growth allowed for as part of the operative District Plan. 

The Development Contributions Policy includes these projects and the costs related to Wastewater are allocated to developers as a Development Contribution.

KDC is working with all developers across Mangawhai to ensure that wastewater management is incorporated in the development and that the necessary improvements are included. This is part of the process that is assessed as part of any Private Plan Change application that follows a statutory process.

The Managwhai Spatial Plan will be used to develop the 2021 - 2031 Long Term Plan, which will reassess the likely triggers for interventions to ensure that there is sufficient capacity in the MCWWS to maintain environmental and health outcomes for the community,

Water supply

Northland Regional Council has granted resource consent for a water take from a bore at Lot 6 DP 314200 (Old Waipu Road North, Mangawhai) on 9 May 2019 with a rate of take not exceeding 100 cubic metres per day. The supply was stated as being for commercial and residential development. This was a limited notification application with known bore owners in the vicinity being considered affected persons. Additionally, all new developments require rainwater harvesting to complement the water extraction from the aquifer. Refer to Northland Regional Council for further information on this aspect.

While MCL continues to apply for resource consents for activities that do not meet the requirements of Chapter 16, they have requested a Private Plan Change that is being considered under a separate process i.e. PPC78.

Private Plan Change

Private Plan Change 78 (the PPC) for Mangawhai Central has been lodged and notified. The PPC is to replace the 2008 rules and planning requirements, with 2020 best-practice provisions that can enable sustainable growth.

A private plan change is one that is introduced to a community by someone other than the Local Authority. The RMA provides for private plan changes to be commenced by citizens between the required review period of a district plan, which is every 10 years.

Mangawhai Central Ltd, with its advisers, have requested the provisions of Chapter 16 and be updated to enable a sustainable, environmentally resilient development that meets Mangawhai’s present and future needs. 

This PPC was notified on 30 April 2020. The process timeline for each activity is set out in the table below. 

Note the timeline is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.




Lodgement 3 December 2019 Completed
RMA Clause 25 Decision to accept the plan change for processing (KDC) 3 April 2020 Completed
Public Notification PPC 30 April 2020 Completed
Closing date of Notification Period 28 May 2020 Completed
Public Notification of Summary of submission for further submission 20 and 21 July 2020 Completed
Closing date for further submission 4 August 2020 Completed
Pre-hearing meetings September 2020 TBC
Completion of the Section 42A report October 2020 30 October 2020
Pre-circulation of evidence (to be decided by the Hearing Panel) Early November 2020 13 November 2020
Hearing Late November 2020 23-25 November 2020
Decision February – March 2021 TBC
Appeal Period April – May 2021 TBC

Please refer to the Mangawhai Central website for updates by the developer for their proposals.

Please note that the existing Council owned esplanade reserve does not fall within the Private Plan Change area.

Overview of the proposed development

Read the full proposed Private Plan Change.

These images give a high level artists impression of what the developer could do if the PPC is approved.

The proposed business area (red buildings), service zone (yellow) and high density residential area (orange).

Proposed areas of Mangawhai Central.0

The proposed supermarket and the business area.

Proposed Supermarket Layout

Proposed Zoning Map

Proposed Zoning Map

Proposed Structure Plan Map

Proposed structure Map