Private Plan Change 78 - Estuary Estates


Private Plan Change 78 (PPC78) was lodged on 3 December 2019 by Mangawhai Central Limited. PPC78 seeks to rezone 130ha of land contained within the Estuary Estates Structure Plan of the operative Kaipara District Plan 2013 (the District Plan), PPC78 area comprises of 83 Molesworth Drive, and Lots 1 and 4 DP 314200 Old Waipu Road, Mangawhai.

PPC78 seeks the following changes to the existing Estuary Estates Structure Plan are shown in the PPC78 Zoning Map. These include:

  • Retain the Estuary Estates zone at 83 Molesworth Drive.
  • Amend Business 1 sub-zone to match its extent to the amended Estuary Estates Structure Plan and reduce its size to 5.32 ha from 7.5 ha.
  • Delete sub-zones 2, 4, 5 and 6.
  • Create new Residential sub-zones 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D replacing existing sub-zones 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  • Amend Service 7 sub-zone to align with the ring road route outlined in the amended Estuary Estates Structure Plan which increases its size from 7.5 ha to 8.03 ha.
  • Create a new integrated residential development overlay over the new Residential 3A sub-zone.
  • Rezone Lots 1 and 4 DP 314200 from Residential to the new Residential 3B and 3C sub-zones, and new Natural Environment 8 sub-zone.
  • The existing Estuary Estates Structure Plan requires an update to reflect the new network for roads, walking, cycling, flood areas and natural area corridors, and new town centre and open space area. This is shown in PPC78 Structure Plan.

PPC78 also requires changes to the provisions of Chapter 16 of the District Plan. Modifications to Chapter 16 pertain to the Estuary Estates description, zones, objectives, policies, rules and/or other methods to provide for the development of the site.

All existing Estuary Estates Structure Plan maps are to be removed and replaced with those proposed under PPC78, once a decision is issued for PPC78. The map amendments relate to Maps 17, 54, 55, 56 and 56A, along with deletion of Appendix E Estuary Estates Sub-Zones.

No other changes to the District Plan are proposed outside of Chapter 16. 


Relevant Information

Making a Submission 

Any person can make submissions on the proposal including the local authority. If any person making a submission can gain an advantage in trade competition through the submission, then the person may do so only if directly affected by an effect of the proposal that adversely affects the environment and does not relate to trade competition or effects of trade competition.

You may make a submission on this

Policy Manager, Kaipara District Council
Unit 6, 6 Molesworth Drive
Mangawhai 0505

Submissions are to be made in writing and shall be received by 4.30pm, 28 May 2020.

At the close of submissions, Council will prepare a summary of decisions requested by submitters and give public notice of the submissions received. An opportunity to make further submissions in support of, or in opposition to those submissions will then be available. Any person can make a further submission, if representing a relevant aspect of the public interest, or has an interest in the proposal greater than the general public or is a local authority. A hearing of submissions will be held if submitters wish to be heard, and a decision will be issued including a public notice within two years of PPC78 being notified.

Please quote “PPC78 – Estuary Estates” when writing or calling about this proposal and direct any correspondence or queries to 0800 727 059 or via email

For more information or guidance on submitting on a plan change, please view the advice of An Everyday Guide to Making a Submission (Ministry of the Environment).