Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means getting the most from the energy we use.

There are two ways to do this. We can use less energy for the same result, for example by installing more efficient lightbulbs. Or we can use the same amount of energy for a better result, such as a factory that has increased its production without consuming any more energy.

Energy conservation

Energy conservation means avoiding using energy and avoiding wasting energy. Conservation measures generally cost very little because they involve changes to our behaviour. An example would be turning off your television after you’ve finished watching it rather than leaving it switched on in standby mode.

Benefits of better energy use

There are great reasons we should be making better use of our energy. It reduces energy costs in homes and buildings, increases productivity, and is less harmful to our environment. 

Being more energy efficient also has less obvious benefits. Fuel efficient driving, for example, is also safer driving. And people who live in well insulated homes not only use less energy, but are also warmer and healthier.