Kaipara Branding

'Proudly Kaipara'


Proudly Kaipara is a more informal expression of the overall Kaipara Visual Identity. It has been designed to complement the Kaipara District Brand Signature for use in the wider community for the following kinds of situations; 

  • On products
  • For service organisations
  • For material identifying local business
  • For schools, sports clubs and community groups. 

Guidelines for using ‘Proudly Kaipara’

As a ‘proud’ identification to help promote the endeavours of local schools, community and sporting groups.

Whether prospecting for members, fundraising, or promoting activities and programmes to the public, established and recognised local organisations, clubs and groups may apply to use ‘Proudly Kaipara’ in their printed and electronic communications.

The branding should always be used in good taste and in support of the user’s main messages. ‘Proudly Kaipara’ should not become the actual name of an individual programme or activity.

As a ‘quality mark’ to identify products that are produced by businesses from within the Kaipara District.

‘Proudly Kaipara’ can be physically attached to a product (swingtag); printed or formed on to an actual product; or printed on to the product’s packaging.  The branding should be used tastefully and always as a support to the main name or product branding.  It cannot be used as the main name or the primary identifier of a product.

Some of the raw materials used in producing the product may come from outside the district; the key requirement is that the design / manufacture / assembly is based in Kaipara.

As a ‘quality mark’ to identify services that are available from firms located in the Kaipara District.

‘Proudly Kaipara’ can be incorporated into letterheads, brochures and websites in an appropriate way and should always be subsidiary to the firm or business name.  It cannot be used as part of your business name.

In most instances, a firm using ‘Proudly Kaipara’ should have originated from and have its principal business based in the district. A franchise operation of a national organisation or chain may qualify if it can demonstrate a significant and distinctive local identity and local scope of operations.


Proudly Kaipara - Black

Proudly Kaipara - White