Apply for a Pool Licence

If you are building a new home that includes a residential swimming pool and or a small heated pool, these will form part of your building consent application. You can find more information regarding building consents by clicking on Building Services.

Portable or Inflatable pools

If you purchase a portable or inflatable pool that can hold 400mm depth of water or more, it is required to have a barrier by law and as a result, you are required to apply for a pool licence.

Manufacturers and retailers of swimming pools and small heated pools must inform buyers of their responsibilities by providing notices with these products. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure fences, self-closing gates and latches continue to operate correctly and are maintained.

Please contact us at Kaipara District Council to register your pool, or if you have any queries regarding whether or not your pool requires registration.

w. KDC website: contact us

p. 0800 727 059



Further information

Helpful information is available by visiting the following websites: