2021 Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

For meeting dates, times and locations, as well as public agendas and minutes, please click on the links below. Dates and times are also published in the Public Notices section of the newspaper. However, please be advised that meeting dates, times and locations may change, and meetings may be cancelled or added. We will publish any changes on pages linked below as soon as we are able, but if your query is urgent or if you require confirmation, please telephone Council on 09 439 3123 or 0800 727 059.

At COVID-19 Levels 3 and 4, all committee meetings will be held online. At COVID-19 Alert Levels 2 and 1, physical meetings can be held, though some meetings may still be livestreamed for the public. Please click on meeting details below for up-to-date information for public attendance.

Until 24 November 2021, meetings will be livestreamed via our Facebook page, and the recording placed on our KDC YouTube channel after the meeting. From the 24 November 2021, meetings will be live broadcast via our KDC YouTube channel.

To allow for more flexible decision-making when an electronic or physical meeting is not possible or is impractical, urgent Council decisions have also been delegated to His Worship the Mayor Dr Jason Smith, Deputy Mayor Anna Curnow and Councillor Peter Wethey. All such decisions made under this delegation will be published here until the epidemic notice is not in force and Council is able to return to normal decision-making processes.

Urgent matters under consideration:

None pending.