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You can now view an estimate of the 2021/2022 years rates in the tool below. Please note the below.

  • The proposed new rate for waste minimisation (recycling crates across the district) isn’t included in the rates calculation. Refer to the Long Term Plan (LTP) consultation document page 25 for details. 
  • Wastewater and water have been calculated based on Option 1 – Equalise Rates across users.  Pages 28 – 33 of the LTP consultation document have further information.  Equalise means that all users pay the same.
  • The proposed new rate for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) isn’t included in the rates calculation.  Refer to the LTP consultation document page 54 for details.
  • Northland Regional Council rates haven’t yet been adopted by their Council and are subject to change.

To have your say on the proposals below visit www.kaipara.govt.nz/ltp

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  • Property valuation information 
  • Rates information
  • Historic land and capital value

Property Revaluation

In communication with the Valuer General’s office these dates are scheduled for the Kaipara District

  • Effective date of valuation: 01/09/2020
  • Revaluation certified:  22/01/2021
  • Date of implementation:  23/01/2021
  • Date of public notice:  27/01/2021 (Northern Advocate)
  • Owners notices posted:  03/02/2021
  • Last day for objections:  12/03/2021