Parks and Reserves Planning

Council develops plans for both parks and reserves, but only one type of plan is a statutory requirement.

A ‘Reserve’ generally means a piece of land that has been gazetted as a reserve under the Reserves Act 1977.  Council must meet some general requirements regarding the administration and management of reserves, including developing and reviewing Reserve Management Plans (RMP) for most types of reserves.  The purpose of a Reserve Management Plan is to work with communities to guide the management and development of our reserves.

A ‘Park’ is a piece of publicly accessible land that is not gazetted as a reserve but is owned and/or managed by Council for one or more purposes, mainly recreation, amenity and preservation.  In some cases, Council chooses to develop a ‘Parks Master Plan’, similar to a Reserve Management Plan, and which is a tool to for us to work with our communities to plan for these open spaces.

These are our operative Reserve Management Plans and Parks Master Plan