Your first aid kit

If someone you care for is injured in a disaster, your knowledge of First Aid may be the difference between life and death.

You can buy First Aid Kits ready made. If you are making your own, these items are recommended by St John as the minimum required for families.

  • Accident register and pencil
  • Absorbent compress 5x9 dressing to cover and protect open wounds
  • Adhesive wound dressing (bandages) (assorted sizes) to cover and protect open wounds
  • Adhesive tape (cloth) 25mm hypoallergenic (1 roll) to secure bandages or splints
  • Antibiotic ointment packets (approx 1g) - anti-infection
  • Antiseptic wipe packets - wound cleaning / germ killer
  • Antiseptic solution - chlorhexidine steritube (30ml) (4)
  • Aspirin (chewable) 81mg for symptoms of a heart attack
  • Blanket (space blanket) to maintain body temperature when in shock
  • CPR breathing barrier (with one-way valve) for protection during rescue breathing or CPR
  • Eye wash container
  • Eye wash solution - saline steritube (30ml) (1)
  • Instant cold compress to control swelling
  • Gloves (large), disposable, non-latex to prevent body fluid contact (2 pairs)
  • Hydrocortisone ointment packets (approx 1g) for external rash treatment
  • Scissors to cut tape, cloth, or bandages
  • Plaster strip dressings (1 packet)
  • Roller bandage 50mm (individually wrapped) to secure wound dressing in place
  • Roller bandage 75mm (individually wrapped) to secure wound dressing in place
  • Safety pins (1 card)
  • Splinter forceps (1 pair)
  • Sterile gauze pad 7.5x7.5 (2) to control external bleeding
  • Sterile non-adhesive pads - small (2) and large (2)
  • Sterile eye pad
  • Thermometer, oral (non-mercury/non-glass) to take temperature orally
  • Triangular bandages (2)
  • Tweezers to remove splinters or ticks
  • First aid manual
  • Card listing local emergency numbers

Note: Remember to include prescription drugs with your emergency survival items.  Because the storage requirements of prescription drugs vary, some may have to be added to the kit at the last minute.  You may want to pin or tape a note to the outside of your kit container reminding you to take along prescription drugs if you have to evacuate.