Petitioning Council

Petitions may be presented to the local authority or any of its committees.  Petitions must contain at least 20 signatures and consist of fewer than 50 words (not including signatories).

Petitions must not be disrespectful, use offensive language or include malicious statements.  They may be written in English or te reo Māori.  Petitioners planning to make a petition in te reo Māori or sign language should advise the Chairperson at least two working days before the meeting to enable the petition to be translated and reprinted, if necessary.

A petitioner who presents a petition to the local authority or any of its committees and subcommittees, may speak for five minutes (excluding questions) about the petition, unless the meeting resolves otherwise.  The Chairperson must terminate the presentation of the petition if he or she believes the petitioner is being disrespectful, offensive or making malicious statements.

Where a petition is presented as part of a deputation or public speaking time, the speaking time limits relating to deputations or public speaking time shall apply.

When a petition is ready the public are required to request through the Chief Executive for arrangements to be made for it to be presented. The principal petitioner presents a petition by delivering it to the Chief Executive. It can be delivered in person, by mail or by e-mail.