Plot Information

Allocation of Plots

Prior to purchasing a plot, we request the purchaser to visit (or have someone visit on their behalf) the cemetery to site their preferred plot/s. Aged maps are available; however, these are only available for viewing in the Dargaville office due to their fragility.

Family and friends are encouraged to choose the plot that best suits their loved ones wishes, but where this is not possible or there is no preference, Council can allocate an available plot.

Pre-Purchase of Plots

The Council’s Cemeteries Bylaw 2020 contains a provision for exclusive rights of burial. This means that people can purchase a burial or ash plot(s) ahead of the time the actual plot is required for interment.

To complete the pre-purchase process, plot availability will have to be confirmed and the relevant plot and administration fees paid at the time of application. The Application to Reserve a Plot form can be completed online or at the Council offices.

When purchasing a plot, you are in fact purchasing exclusive right of interment and not the land itself, this remains the property of Kaipara District Council. The Exclusive Right of Interment expires after 60 years if the plot has not had an interment take place.

Purchase of Plots

If required, a plot can be purchased at the same time the Interment Request Application is made. All relevant fees (including plot purchase and interment fees) are payable at the time of application, and this can be done through your funeral director or at the Council’s offices.

Transfer of Plots (Exclusive Right of Burial)

The original owner of a pre-purchased plot may decide to sell or transfer the exclusive right to burial subject to the payment of any relevant fees. The request must be made to Council in writing by the original purchaser, containing full names and addresses of both parties, and must be accompanied with the original Certificate of Title. This certificate will then be cancelled, and a replacement issued to the new plot owner.

The holder may also request to sell the right of burial back to Council. Plots that have been bought back by Council will be paid at the original purchase price only, not the current price, and may then be resold. If a burial/interment has not taken place in that plot within 60 years, Kaipara District Council reserves the right to revoke the Exclusive Right of Interment in accordance with the Burial and Cremation Act 1964.

Interment Equipment

All equipment for grave plot interments is supplied and removed by the sexton (cemetery supervisor) or Funeral Director.

Requests to Fill in The Grave

Only Council staff or its representatives are authorised to dig a grave or ash plot, however family, whanau or friends often request to backfill the grave themselves. This can usually be accommodated but must be pre-arranged with your funeral director or Council, to ensure any necessary arrangements have been made.

Secondary Interments

Second interments can occur in a single plot dependent on details of the initial interment, as well as ground conditions. Regardless of whether you are planning to inter a body or ashes, into a lawn plot or ash plot - if you are planning to inter more than one person in a single plot, please note this with your initial application to allow the sexton to plan for an extra depth burial.

Preparing the grave plot for a second interment potentially includes breaking through concrete or the removal of any built aspects of an existing grave plot site. The removal and reinstatement of these structures will form part of the cost for the second interment.


Where a request for a removal is received by the Council, the removal shall be conducted pursuant to section 51 of the Burial and Cremation Act 1964 and subject to the payment of the prescribed fees.

The removal and/or reinterment of a body must be conducted with the prior approval of the Council and must take place in the presence of:

  • the Authorised Officer and
  • a funeral director and staff and
  • an inspector of the Ministry of Health and
  • any other person with prior approval of the Council.

If you are considering a disinterment, you should initially discuss this with your funeral director or Council who can explain the various legal requirements.