Mangawhai Stormwater Management Plan


As part of the Mangawhai Community Plan project it was identified that the Mangawhai Stormwater Catchment Management Plan was out of date, as such a project was undertaken to update this to capture some of the outstanding issues within the Mangawhai area,

The target area identified is a nominal area and not based on any work currently being undertaken by the Kaipara District Council Policy Team, it is identified as a large enough are to capture any possible growth scenarios and the catchments that directly affect the Mangawhai township and the Mangawhai Harbour.  

There is a current disparity in the level of information able to be provided by this version of the plan due to the lack of LiDAR data for Mangawhai as a whole, though this is likely to be rectified by the current LiDAR project being undertaken by the Northland Regional Council, this will require extra investigation in some areas to ensure that any issues raised or possibly identified in this version of the plan are mitigated appropriately, and to ensure that they are in line with Kaipara District Councils commitment to the community and its responsibilities to regional and central authorities.