Rural Fire

To report a Fire Call 111

Report smoke

If you see any smoke rising in a rural area while driving around the District, please call 111.  If the fire is permitted, the operator may already know and that’s fine; but if not, your call may save some of our valuable forest areas and maybe even someone’s life!

Excessive smoke or smells.

Excessive smoke or smells may result in action being taken under the Resource Management Act.

For rural areas - a few tips

  • Keep the grass green, mown or grazed around your home
  • Ensure that your property is easily identified
  • Keep a hose connected (one that can reach round the house)
  • Ensure that your driveway has at least four metres clearance (both width and height) and adequate turn round area for large vehicles
  • Ensure that water supplies are accessible and clearly marked
  • Ensure easy access to water supplies and make sure they are signposted
  • Live in a safety zone by ensuring any dead or flammable plants and trees are removed and replaced with low flammable species
  • Store firewood and other flammable materials away from the house
  • Isolate flammable liquids
  • Maintain machinery and equipment in safe working order
  • Dispose of ash safely in a metal container and use approved incinerators
  • Install multi-purpose dry powder extinguishers in the house and outbuildings

Escape plan

All householders are encouraged to develop their own escape plans, in the event of a fire in the home.  Should you require information, contact Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

In case of emergency

In case of an emergency it is important to keep calm and be prepared. See the Civil Defence pages to help you understand and prepare for a Civil Defence event.