Mangawhai EcoCare from Conception to Handover (and Attachments 1 to 5)

EcoCare from Conception to Handover

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Attachment 1

Statement of Proposal - Mangawhai EcoCare Project - prepared by Simon Engineering in 2003.

Attachment 2

Statement of Proposal - Mangawhai EcoCare Project - prepared by Earthtech in 2006 (Earthtech changed its name to WIG or Water Infrastructure Group in 2008).

The EcoCare Statement of Proposal prepared by Earthtech in February 2006 made it clear that the initial reticulation area would be progressively expanded as required within the Drainage District to service those remaining properties as and when development occurred. After considering the growth of the area, Council entered into negotiations to modify the scope of the project.

Attachment 3

Mangawhai EcoCare Sizing and Growth Assumptions - prepared by BECA

At the 27 September 2006 Council Meeting a Beca report "Mangawhai EcoCare Sizing and Growth Assumptions" was adopted. Council modified the project to incorporate additional areas to be reticulated within the Heads and Village, alternative disposal/ reclamation facilities and inclusion of house connections.

Attachment 4

Mangawhai EcoCare - Discussion Paper on Rates and Charges - prepared by BECA.

Council considered Beca’s report "Mangawhai EcoCare - Discussion Paper on Rates and Charges" at its October 2006 meeting. This report contained the modified scope and associated projected costs and was adopted by Council at that meeting.

Attachment 5

Mangawhai EcoCare Updated - December 2006.

This document states that Council was including new developments within the scheme and costs were not yet final however would probably remain much the same as previously advised for individual property owners, with some allowance for inflation. The newsletter also stated that if there were any significant changes there would be public consultation via an amended statement of proposal.