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Proposed Fees and Charges for 2024/2025

Every year Kaipara District Council reviews its fees and charges. Fees and charges are used to support the operation and maintenance of a variety of services provided to the community. They are set on a user-pays basis to ensure that rate increases are kept to a minimum where possible.  

Read the proposed fees and charges showing the changes between the current Fees and Charges and the proposed Fees and Charges for 2024/2025.

Long Term Plan 2024 - 2027

We are currently consulting for the Long Term Plan 2024 – 2027. The Long Term Plan (LTP) sets Council's strategic direction and work programme for the years ahead. Head over to Long Term Plan to view the consultation document together with the supporting information and how to make a submission.

Alongside the topics and info contained in the consultation document, you can also provide comment on any of the source documents. Specifically, Council is seeking feedback on a number of financial policies. You can also read these on the Long Term Plan website page. 

Mangawhai Community Park - Master Plan Review

Council has prepared a new Master Plan for Mangawhai Community Park.  Your feedback is sought to see if we have this Draft Master Plan right or if changes are needed before it is adopted for implementation.  The Master Plan will direct how the park will be managed and developed going forward. This includes setting a vision for the park and what activities would be appropriate there.

Read the Draft Master Plan.

Key changes proposed in the Draft Master Plan include:

  1. Parking improvements to optimise existing car parking areas.
  2. Creating a new Merz Hut precinct with car parking and picnic areas off Thelma Road South.
  3. Permitting some commercial development in the park that may provide necessary and meaningful contributions to the infrastructure or economic development of the community.

Feedback, objections and comments can be submitted:

A hearing will be held for those who indicate they would like to speak to their submission.

All submissions must be received by close of business on Monday 06 May 2024.

Mangawhai summer bus

The free Mangawhai summer bus runs daily from 27 December until 14 January, then on weekends until 6 February. We'd love to hear what you think of the free bus, give us your feedback in this short survey.

Welcoming Communities Kaipara

If you have moved to Kaipara from another country or part of New Zealand, we’d love your feedback on the highlights and challenges of moving to Kaipara. Your insights will be used to develop the Welcoming Communities Plan.

Complete the survey. 

Publicly notified Resource Consents

Recently closed consultations

Proposed Signs Bylaw
Council proposed a new Signs Bylaw and the amendment of the Consolidated General Bylaw 2020, to remove Part 5 - Advertising Signs. Find out more.  Following consultation and submissions the Bylaw was adopted as well as the Sign Standards, made under clause 7 of the Bylaw at the 3 April 2024 Council Meeting. Both the Signs Bylaw and Sign Standards will come into force on 1 May 2024.

Proposed Cemeteries and Crematoria Bylaw
Council proposed to create a new Cemeteries and Crematoria Bylaw and to remove Part 7 (Cemeteries and Crematoria) from the Consolidated General Bylaw 2020. Find out more. Following consultation and submissions the Bylaw was adopted as well as the Cemeteries and Crematoria Code of Practice, made under clause 7 of the Bylaw at the 3 April 2024 Council Meeting. Both the Cemeteries and Crematoria Bylaw and Cemeteries and Crematoria Code of Practice will come into force on 1 May 2024

Private Plan Change 84 - Mangawhai Hills
PPC84 seeks to rezone and modify planning provisions on 218.3 hectares of land in Mangawhai. A hearing is scheduled in May 2024 - date to be confirmed. Read the application and supporting documentation.

Private Plan Change 83 - The Rise, Mangawhai
PPC83 seeks to rezone 56.9 hectares of land at Cove Road and Mangawhai Heads Road from Rural to Residential. A hearing was held from 26-28 March 2024. Read the application and supporting documentation.

Private Plan Change 82 - Moonlight Heights
PPC82 seeks to rezone 39.2 hectares of land at Awakino Road Dargaville from Rural to Residential. Council's decision has been notified and is open for appeals until Friday 26 April 2024. Read the application and supporting documentation.

Private Plan Change 81 - Dargaville Racecourse
Private Plan Change 81 (PPC81) seeks to rezone 47ha (approximately) of land in Dargaville from rural to a mixture of residential, light industrial, neighbourhood centre and open space. This application has been appealed to the Environment Court.

Making Te Tai Tokerau Accessible
The four Northland councils are working together to support accessibility in Te Tai Tokerau/Northland. We sought feedback from Northlanders who experience barriers to accessibility and will use their feedback to draft a joint accessibility plan. Feedback has now closed. Once the plan has been drafted, we'll share it with the community for further feedback.