Fire Places

The types of clean air approved solid fuel heaters that can be installed are governed by the National Emission Standard, and depend on the location and size of your property. Their website provides a list of authorised wood burners. Alternatively any distributor of log burners should also be able to provide you with the relevant information.

Once you have determined which fire you can install and are ready to lodge your building consent you will need to provide us with the following:

  • Completed building consent application
  • Certificate of Title Sales & Purchase Agreement (if a recent purchase and you are not yet named on the Certificate of Title) or Rates Demand
  • Manufacturer's specifications for the solid fuel heater, including clearances
  • Manufacturer's specifications for the specific flue being installed
  • Plumbing schematic for wetback installation and location of hot water cylinder (if applicable)
  • Authorised approval number for appliance where heater is installed on a property under 2 hectares
  • Flashing details
  • Ceiling details – e.g. flat or sloping
  • Floor plan showing:
    • Labelled dwelling layout showing use of spaces
    • Location of the solid fuel heater
    • Location of smoke alarms

For questions relating to the installation of a fire place or wood burner please contact