Resource Consent Public Notices

Below you can find the applications and supporting information for Publicly Notified Resource Consent Applications.  

Any person interested in the publicly notified application can make a submission on the application. In the instance of limited notification, a notice with a copy of the application is served only on those persons identified as being adversely affected.

Making a submission

A submission is simply a written statement from you about a notified Resource Consent application. The submission must be in writing and can either be in support or opposition of the application, or be neutral. Ensure you understand what the application is about, and what the effects are likely to be, by reading all of the information provided.

You can also talk to the applicant and discuss your issues and concerns with them. You may be able to reach an agreement without going through the formal submission process.

Your submission should:

  • Be clear and to the point
  • Support your views with good information
  • Relate to issues that arise from the proposal

In your submission please clearly indicate:

  • Whether you support or oppose the application, or if you wish to make a neutral submission
  • Which parts of the application you are specifically concerned about
  • Why you are making the submission
  • What decision you want us to make or what outcome you want
  • If we grant the consent, what are some of the conditions you want in place?
  • If you want to attend a hearing and present your submission in-person

Submit your Submission

Download the Submission Form and email it to (you can also post or deliver it to one of our customer service centres (Dargaville or Mangawhai).
We must receive your submission on or before the submission closing date stated on the public notice or letter.
Remember you also need to send a copy of your submission to the applicant at the address given on their public notice or letter.

Kaipara District Council has received the following application for Resource Consent.

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects. You have the right to inspect a copy of the application at Kaipara District Council’s Customer Service Centres at 42 Hokianga Rd, Dargaville and Unit 6, The Hub 6 Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai.

RM 190094 (Limited Notification)

Limited Notification Submissions Notes:  

  • Please be aware that this application is being limited notified to specially identified affected parties who have been assessed as being directly affected by the proposal. 
  • We will advise you by post if you are eligible to make a submission.   
  • Submissions from parties who have not been identified as being directly affected cannot be taken into account in the decision making process for this application. 
Application by: P M Cullinan
Council Reference: RM190094
Subject Site: 106 Moir Street, Mangawhai LOT 2 DP 139478
Proposed Activity:

Proposed land use in breach of 12.10.4

`Commercial and Industrial Buildings`12.10.8

`Permeable Surfaces` 12.10.18

`Traffic Intensity`12.10.25 `Vehicle Access and Driveways`

Submissions Close: 17 May 2021


RM 200234

Application by: Tilt Renewables Limited
Council Reference: RM200234
Subject Site: 379 Maitahi Road, Omamari, Lot 1 DP 201886 RT NA128C/467
Proposed Activity:

The applicant (Tilt Renewables) seeks resource consent for the construction, operation and maintenance of up to 19 wind turbines within a defined project envelope on the property at 379 Maitahi Road, Omamari legally described as Lot 1 DP 201886.

Address for Service:          

Mitchell Daysh Limited

PO Box 300673

Auckland 0752


Submissions Close:

06 May 2021

Recently closed Public Notified Resource Consent  

RM 00248

Application by: Stainless Sports
Council Reference: RM200248
Subject Site: 35 Jervois Street (Sh12), Dargaville — LOT 2 DP 407743
Proposed Activity:

Proposed combined Land Use and 3 Lot subdivision in breach of Rules 13.10.3a ‘Dwellings’, 13.10.07 ‘Setbacks’, 13.10.08 ‘Separation Distance from Noise Sensitive Activities’, 13.10.11 ‘Private Open Space’, 13.10.12 ‘Permeable Surfaces’, 13.10.13 ‘Building Coverage’, 13.10.25 ‘Vehicle Access and Driveways’, 13.10.27 ‘Parking’ and 13.11.1 ‘General Residential Subdivision’, overall being assessed as a Non-complying Activity.

Address for Service:

Bentley Consultancy Northland Limited

22 Parkland Crescent


Whangarei 0112

Submissions Closed: 29 March 2021

RM 200153

Application by: J Harrison-Tubb
Council Reference: RM 200153
Subject Site: 13 Wood Street, Mangawhai - LOT 42 DP 39205
Proposed Activity:

Subdivide Lot 42 DP 39205 to create two lots –

  • Lot 1 – 430m2
  • Lot 2 – 564m2

RM200153 Notification Pack

Address for Service:

Julian Harrison-Tubb

48 Francis Street




Additional information

Read the additional Section 42 Reports 

RM 180212

Application by:   T G Linnell
Council Reference:  RM 180212
Subject Site: 143 Rangiora Road, Oneriri Peninsula — Lot 7 DP 468412
Proposed Activity:

 To undertake a non-complying four-lot subdivision of the application site, creating Lot 1 (4000m2), Lot 2 (5580m2), Lot 3 (1.5ha) and Lot 4 (105.46ha).

The existing amalgamation covenant affecting Lot 3 DP 312676 and Lot 7 DP 468412 is to be cancelled and proposed Lot 4 and Lot 3 DP 312676 (CFR 49835) are to be amalgamated together by way of an amalgamation covenant.

Creation of conservation covenants with a total area of approximately 5.8490ha of native vegetation, including revegetation/restoration (mitigation) areas totalling 7,500m2.

Land use consent for future clearance of 3690m2 of indigenous vegetation which is not protected under this application in order to provide access and building sites on proposed Lots 1, 2 and 3.

Address for Service:

Buckton & Associates

PO Box 107


Hearing information 

Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown, this hearing is being held via Skype. Details can be found below.

Tuesday 07 April 2020


Dial via phone 09 439 1247 and enter code - 466805

Members of the public are welcome to phone in and listen to the hearing, please be aware if you did not do a submission and ask to be heard at the hearing then you do not have speaking rights. More on the Hearing Process can be found via the Ministry for the Environment.


RM180212 Council Hearing Report

RM180212 Application including updates/further information

RM180212 Hearing Evidence and Correspondence


Any queries or issues with accessing the hearing, please contact -

RM 190246

Application by: Cames Limited
Council Reference: RM 190246
Subject Site: 290 Cames Road, Mangawhai — Lot 8 DP 537061
Proposed Activity:

To undertake a 3 lot environmental benefit subdivision of the application site, with the lots having a reduced separation distance from an exisiting vehicle crossing on the same side of the road and with the provision of wireless telecommunications for future dwellings within the proposed lots.

Address for Service:

Cames Limited C/-

Pacific Coast Surveys Unit 4 The Hub

6 Molesworth Drive Mangawhai


RM 190250

Application by: Cames Limited
Council Reference: RM 190250
Subject Site:

290 Cames Road, Mangawhai - LOT

3, 11 Deposited Plan 537061

Proposed Activity:

To undertake a 4 lot environmental benefit subdivision of the application site, with the provision of wireless telecommunications for future dwellings with the proposed lots.

Address for Service:

Cames Limited C/-

Pacific Coast Surveys Unit 4 The Hub

6 Molesworth Drive Mangawhai


RM 190282

Application by: Mangawhai Central Limited
Council Reference: RM 190282
Subject Site: 83 Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai — LOT 6 DP 314200, LOT 4 DP 154785
Proposed Activity:

To establish the Mangawhai Central supermarket and main street development, and undertake a subdivision of four lots to create a
balance lot and road to vest.

Address for Service:

McKenzie and Co Consultants

PO Box 259-309 Botany

Manukau 2163

 Hearing Information

Hearing Date: 20 May 2020

Time: 9.30am

Venue: Mangawhai Club, 219 Molesworth Drive


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