Resource Consent Public Notices

Below you can find the applications and supporting information for Publicly Notified Resource Consent Applications.  

Any person interested in the publicly notified application can make a submission on the application. In the instance of limited notification, a notice with a copy of the application is served only on those persons identified as being adversely affected.

Making a submission

A submission is simply a written statement from you about a notified Resource Consent application. The submission must be in writing and can either be in support or opposition of the application, or be neutral. Ensure you understand what the application is about, and what the effects are likely to be, by reading all of the information provided.

You can also talk to the applicant and discuss your issues and concerns with them. You may be able to reach an agreement without going through the formal submission process.

Your submission should:

  • Be clear and to the point
  • Support your views with good information
  • Relate to issues that arise from the proposal

In your submission please clearly indicate:

  • Whether you support or oppose the application, or if you wish to make a neutral submission
  • Which parts of the application you are specifically concerned about
  • Why you are making the submission
  • What decision you want us to make or what outcome you want
  • If we grant the consent, what are some of the conditions you want in place?
  • If you want to attend a hearing and present your submission in-person

Submit your Submission

We must receive your submission on or before the submission closing date stated on the public notice or letter.
Remember you also need to send a copy of your submission to the applicant at the address given on their public notice or letter.

Kaipara District Council has received the following application for Resource Consent.

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects. You have the right to inspect a copy of the application at Kaipara District Council’s Customer Service Centres at 32 Hokianga Road, Dargaville and Unit 6, The Hub 6 Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai.

RM230077 (Public Notification)

Application by: Minister of Education
Council  ref:  
Subject site: 9 Tawa Avenue, Kaiwaka being Lot 5 DP 388478
Proposed activity:
Notice of requirement to designate land for educational purposes to enable the relocation for Te Kura Kaupapa
Māori O Ngaringaomatariki to 9 Tawa Avenue (the site) and to enable the use of the site as a Kura Kaupapa Māori for years 0-13 and a Puna Reo.


Direction 1 from Independent Hearings Commissioner - 03 October 2023

Address for service: 
Requiring Authority
Minister of Education
c/- Tonkin + Taylor Ltd
Level 3, PwC Centre
60 Cashel Street, West End
PO Box 13055
Attention: Tim Ensor
Submissions close:
Monday 14 August 2023


Application by: 
Vermont Street Management
Council ref:
Subject site:    
183 Devich Road, Mangawhai, being Lot 1 DP 525736 and Lot 2 DP 330158

Proposed activity:                

The application seeks a subdivision consent to create 68 additional allotments across a property containing approximately 135ha. The proposal is in breach of the following Kaipara District Plan rules:

  • 12.14.2(4) Providing for integrated development creating more than 10 lots
  • 12.10.1(a) Earthworks where the proposed earthworks exceeds the permitted standards in the Rural Zone
  • 12.15.8 Telecommunications where each lot will not be provided with a physical connection and will rely on wireless telecommunication services.
Section 42A Report
Activity Status
Discretionary Activity

Address for service:

Pacific Coast Surveys Limited
Unit 8
6 Molesworth Drive
Mangawhai 0505


Submissions closed:
16 November 2021
Date:    Tuesday 22 March 2022 and Wednesday 23 March 2022
Time:    9.30am
Venue:  Mangawhai Domain Hall
              75 Moir Street
And:     Online for those who require virtual access you will be sent a link directly
Commissioner's Decision - 8 June 2022 - (356KB)
Conditions of Consent - 8 June 2022 (269KB)