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Building Guidance & Consents

Apply for a Building Consent

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You can apply online, find the appropriate checklist and provide information that is relevant to your building project.

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When You Need a Building Consent

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When is a Building Consent required? A Building Consent is required for most work including; new buildings, swimming pools, retaining walls over 1.5m, demolition and more.

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What is a Building Consent?

A Building Consent is the formal approval issued by a Building Consent Authority (BCA) that certain works meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Act, Building Regulations and Building Code.

You cannot undertake any building work that requires a Building Consent without this approval. Most building work requires a Building Consent but some minor work is exempt under the Act.

Exempt work is listed on Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004. This may be viewed on the web on

Project Information Memorandum (PIM) and/or Building Consent

Online Building Services or download the documents below for more information on Building Processes.

Consumer Information

Application Forms

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Producer Statements