Private Plan Change 84 - Mangawhai Hills Limited

 Structure Plan

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PPC84 seeks to rezone and modify planning provisions on 218.3 hectares of land in Mangawhai.

The purpose of the plan change is to rezone the location to a Residential Zone.  The key features of the plan change are:

  • Rezone 218.3 hectares of land between Tara Road, Cove Road, Moir Road, and Old Waipu Road in Mangawhai.
  • The creation of a Mangawhai Development Area with core provisions, that to protect ecological features, promote high-quality urban design, provide open space and connectivity; and
  • Any necessary consequential amendments to the Kaipara District Plan Maps.

Current status

The hearing for PPC84 has now been adjourned for the applicant's written reply and suggested reviewed plan provisions to be submitted.

Application and additional information

Application and additional information

Additional information provided as requested




Process for review

Council accepted to process Private Plan Change 84 at the Council meeting on 26 July 2023.  The public notice was published on 29 August 2023, marking the start of the submission period.



The Further Submissions period has closed.

Council received 12 Further Submissions.

Original submissions

Submissions have been collated with the following documentation available:

Original submissions received are listed below: