Private Plan Change 82 - Moonlight Heights

Moonlight Heights


PPC82 seeks to rezone 39.2 hectares of land at Awakino Road Dargaville from Rural to Residential.

The purpose of the private plan change is to: 

  • Rezone 39.2ha of land at Awakino Road, from Rural Zone to Residential Zone, including consequential amendments to the Kaipara District Plan (KDP) Maps.
  • Apply any necessary consequential amendments to the KDP provisions. 

No other changes to the KDP are proposed. 

Application and additional information

Additional information provided as requested:

Process for review

Council accepted to process PPC82 at the Council meeting held on 14 December 2022. The public notice was published on 17 January 2023, marking the start of the submission period.

The submission period will be open for four weeks, closing at 5.00pm, 17 February 2023.

At the close of submissions, Council will prepare a summary of feedback and give public notice of the submissions received. 

Following these stages, the further submission period will commence. 


Any person can make submissions on Private Plan Change 82 - Moonlight Heights.

If any person making a submission can gain an advantage in trade competition through the submission, the person may do so only if directly affected by an effect of the proposal that adversely affects the environment, and does not relate to trade competition or effects of trade competition.

Submissions must be made in writing and received by 5.00pm, 17 February 2023.

You can make a submission by completing the PPC82 online submission form or by printing a hardcopy form and returning to Council's Dargaville Customer Services desk or Dargaville Library.