Variation 1: Landscapes - Reports

Variation 1:   Landscapes identifies and seeks to protect outstanding landscapes. These are the special landscapes and features that can be seen on the land that lets people know they are in the Kaipara. Protection of these outstanding landscapes means that the generations who follow this one will get to enjoy and hold as special what we currently enjoy and hold as special. Examples of this would be Tokatoka, the West Coast and the Brynderwyns.  The Fact Sheet on Variation 1: Landscapes can be viewed here.

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Decision version of Variation 1: Landscapes

Chapter 10 All Zones: Network Utilities
Chapter 11 All Zones: Transport Network
Chapter 12 Rural
Chapter 13 Residential
Chapter 15A Maori Purposes: Maori Land
Chapter 15B Maori Purposes: Treaty Settlement Land
Chapter 18 Landscapes
Chapter 24 Definitions
Planning Maps Map Series 2
Appendix G Visual Amenity Landscapes
Variation 1 (as notified)
Section 32 Report
Kaipara Landscape Technical Report 2010
Landowner Consultation Report (Littoralis)
Technical Memorandum from Malcolm Archbold on Accuracy of the National Digital Cadastre



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