Rubbish and Waste Collection

Refuse Transfer Stations

There are 2 refuse/recycling transfer stations in the Kaipara District run by Council. You can see details in the Transfer Stations page and what they accept. Most recyclables are accepted at a small cost at Council facilities. Visit our recycling section to learn more.

Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection

Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection is available to many Kaipara District residents provided by one privately operated company, Kaipara Refuse. 

Kaipara Refuse (Rubbish and Recycling Collection)

Telephone : 09 439 2146
Mon – Fri 9am - 3pm

Do I have to pay? 
Collections are User Pays; the collection and disposal fee is included in the price of the pre-paid rubbish bags. The bags are available at most supermarkets and stores across Kaipara, or at Council offices. 

What bags do I buy? 
Waste collectors have different coloured bags. You can buy these from your local supermarket, petrol station or dairy. 

When is my collection? 
There are weekly, kerbside collections of prepaid rubbish bags and recycling bags, see Rubbish Collection Search.

Rural prepaid collections:

Some rural residents need to leave prepaid bags at approved collection points because the waste collectors do not collect from their road.

Pre-paid rubbish bags can only be left outside your own property or at an approved collection point.

The maximum weight of prepaid bags is 10kg. Rubbish bags should not contain more than 20% recyclables, 20% food waste and no greenwaste.

Waste Management and Minimisation

We are committed to waste management and minimisation. You can read our current policy on Waste Management and Minimisation.

E-Waste Management
With the switch to digital television the following link offers more information regarding recycling of unwanted or unusable televisions. 

Lightbulb Disposal
International Waste Limited offers a Compact Fluorescent Recycling Box to dispose of fluorescent lamps that contain mercury. Click here to follow the link.