Alcohol licensing forms, Kaipara District Council

Alcohol licensing forms

Download Alcohol licensing forms below:

Premises Licence applications

On Licence Premises Application
(restaurant, cafe, tavern, hotel, bar, wine bar)
Application for New On

Off Licence Premises Application
(supermarket, grocery store, bottle store, catering off Licence premises)
Application for New Off

Club Licence Application - all types of Clubs
Application for New Club

Renewal - On Licence; Off Licence; Club Licence
Application for Renew On
Application for Renew Off
Application for Renew Club

Variation or cancellation of Licence Conditions

Special Licence

Special Licence Premises Application - use this form for an event such as selling and supplying liquor at a quiz night, special events, conveyance or licensed premises that operates outside of the conditions of their existing licence.

Application for Special Licence

Manager's Certificate

Application for New Manager
Application for Renew Manager
Management Change Notice

Temporary Authority

Temporary Authority Application - If you purchase an existing licensed business, you must apply for temporary authority to operate legally until your own licence has been approved. This needs to be filed at least 20 working days before you take over.

Application for Temporary Authority