No Spray Zone

Roadside Spraying - Vegetation Control

Every year the Council periodically sprays to control vegetation on its road reserve areas, within water channels and side drains, parks, reserves and pavements.
This helps keep our local network tidy and ensures our services like drains are well maintained and free flowing.
The operational area includes the entire Kaipara District local road network, excluding state highways.
For a variety of reasons, people may not wish to have agri-chemicals sprayed outside their property. If this sounds like you, you can apply to have your property listed on the Council’s "no-spray register" which will mean that we will not spray directly outside your property.

'No Spray' Option for Residents

Residents can request that their property frontage not be chemically sprayed and instead undertake the vegetation control themselves. On approval Council will mark the no spray area with marker pegs at the costs set out below (pricing valid July 1 2017 - 30 June 2018):

Urban (Green Cats Eyes – fixed to pavement)

  • Supply and Installation (fixed price) by Broadspectrum = $138.00
  • Average time to process application is 30mins @ $85/hr. = $42.00

Total = $ 190.00


Rural (Yellow plastic edge markers – marked “NSZ”)

  • Supply and Installation (fixed price) by Team Vegetation = $150.00
  • Invoicing through Broadspectrum (RAMM Contractor) 15% = $172.50
  • Average time to process application is 30mins @ $85/hr. = $42.50

Total = $225.00

Note: The supply and install are fixed prices, anywhere within the district.

On July 1 2017, the charge for no spray zone signage increased. Previously persons could erect their own signs. This is no longer valid.

Q: What happens to existing customers who have provided their own signs?

A: Council will replace the signs with Council provided signs free of charge


Q: What happens to existing customers who have Council signs that need replacing?

A: Council will replace the signs with Council provided signs free of charge

Please click here for the No Spray Zone application form. 

Rural Residents

Rural residents who choose the “no spray” option must control the vegetation growth along their property frontage to ensure road users are not impeded and all roadside signs and markers are clearly visible. Vegetation height should not exceed 300mm. Any stormwater drainage ditches need to be kept clear of excess vegetation. At intersections vegetation must be kept well clear to ensure good sight lines for traffic using the intersection.

Spraying on State Highways

Contractors employed by New Zealand Transport Agency undertake an ongoing vegetation control programme to ensure that roadside vegetation does not affect the safety or operation of the region’s state highway network.

This programme includes the spraying of chemical herbicides including the following active ingredients: Glyphosate, Metsulfuron, Terbuthylazine and Triclopyr.

Registration of Non-Spray Areas (State Highways)

Persons wishing to register their property as a ‘no-spray’ zone, which requires a commitment to maintain a property’s highways frontage to specifications provided by NZTA, may do so by contacting the NZTA directly.



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