Gordon Street Reserve (Dargaville)

Insect Hotel

Dargaville High School students received $1,400 from the Kaipara District Council Biodiversity Fund to build the hotels for insects.  The aim of this to increase the biodiversity in the Gordon Street Reserve area.

On Friday 21 September 2012 the group of Year 10 students were involved with building a range of insect hotels, or wildlife havens, on the Reserve.  The students researched and came up with the Ponga and Totara log designs, hollowing them out, drilling holes and bolting a perspex glass viewing area on top.

Next term the students plan to add rocks to the bottom of the stream that runs through the reserve and plant natives along the banks.

Insect Hotel DSCF0049 1 Insect Hotel DSCF0053 Insect Hotel DSCF0060 Insect Hotel DSCF0059
Insect Hotel DSCF0057 Insect Hotel DSCF0050

Insect Hotel DSCF0055 Insect Hotel DSCF0064
Gordon St Reserve 1 Gordon St Reserve 2 Gordon St Reserve 3 Gordon St Reserve 4

This project started two years ago with an application to the Ministry of Justice for funding for anti graffiti in communities.  $27,500 was pledged to Dargaville to work with young people and we hired a local artist as the project manager.  The project is now in its final stages and will come to an end in December 2011.

This was a project for young people to come up with alternatives to combat graffiti in our community and how to update the area.  This was a combined project with the Department of Justice, the High School and the Council.

One side of the walkway has been completed with an iron sculpture of 30 metres. The sculpture wall was designed by the students and produced by Newman’s Engineering.  The next phase was to do some planting against the next fence and to make it pleasant to look at.  The final stage will be a mural on the concrete wall that faces the reserve.

IMG 0276 2

IMG 4363 1

What a change!!!!

This change is a beautiful new sight for Dargaville's Gordon Street Reserve. Council has been collaborating with Dargaville High School students and Ministry of Justice to clean up Dargaville of its graffitti.

Dargaville High School students started working on the Gordon Street Reserve in 2005 as a science project and in 2010 Council and Dargaville High School students collaborated with Ministry of Justice and started the anti-graffitti programme, this is what has resulted in hard work and determination.
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