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Kaipara District Council has a goal of 'working with the people and businesses of Kaipara to encourage community development'.  It is considered that councilwith a community development focus work 'with' rather than 'for' communities, by assisting the community to develop and provide their own facilities and services which in turn helps to build strong and vibrant communities. Councils can also play a role in fostering innovation in the community by finding new ways of approaching and resolving community issues.  

Project updates

Action Plans


The Community Planning Team has been busy through December and January working on projects that have come out of the Action Plans that were done with your community.

Some of the projects are:

(click on the project to find out more)

The projects that the Community Planning Team work on are predominantly from the community through the Action Plans and through ongoing relationships we have made from engagements with the communities. See the Action Plan for your area by clicking on your link over to the right of the page.

Te Kopuru

Through community meetings a concept plan was designed by a local resident that put all the ideas into a plan to show how the Domain could be used. A small budget has been set aside and the area is being cleared. A basketball hoop has been ordered and will be placed on existing concrete. The next stage will be to build a wooden obstacle course for the area. We would also like to put in more picnic tables so families can enjoy this space. This community has been very involved with this whole process which shows how important the Domain is to them.


The Tinopai Activity Zone is being planned for the Komiti Reserve. A plan is currently being worked on with some community members that have been pushing this project for quite some time. Once this concept pan has been drawn up we will send it out for consultation. The small playground by the Hall is slowly being decommissioned and the money that Council would be putting towards a new playground will go into the new activity zone. The rest of the money will be raised by a local community group. The ideas behind the design will work in with the local elements and history so will not be your regular play area. This activity zone will be for all ages and abilities.

Baylys Beach

The Baylys Beach community has really got behind the beautification of the parking area at the bottom of Seaview Road. A retaining wall has been built and there has been a lot of planting. They are still working on this area to continue to make it eye‑catching to all as it is the gateway to our beautiful Baylys Beach. Council paid for materials and the community did the building and planting. We will be working on new signage in the near future.


From the Dargaville Placemaking reports and consultation a list of projects are being put together. This will help to identify what Council will do and what the community could pick up and do. Some of the community‑type projects are art, lighting up the Northern Wairoa bridge, lighting up the main street and a bike trail for small children. Look out for this list when it's completed. We will pop it up here on our website page.

In 2015 the community suggested a Pedestrian Only Zone. We have now completed two trials, one in Victoria Street and one in lower Hokianga Road. We have trialled what the community raised and received mixed support. If the Dargaville business community now wants to pick up this idea for special events, we will happily support them.


In partnership with the NZ Transport Agency and Kaiwaka community, Kaipara District Council has developed a plan to address traffic related concerns experienced in Kaiwaka while also improving the overall attractiveness of the township. This plan details actions or projects to be carried out within the short to medium term (2016/2021) and further aspirational or longer term actions to achieve the overall vision for Kaiwaka as a safe, connected, green, vibrant and distinctive place. 

To view the Kaiwaka Township Improvement Plan please click on the link to the right.

Mangawhai Community Plan

Council has identified the Mangawhai Community Plan as a priority project, with the intention to provide a strategic framework for managing the growth of Mangawhai to ensure quality design, environmental and infrastructure outcomes.

For further information, the link on the right will take you to the Mangawhai Community Plan (MCP) page.

Community meetings have now been carried out across the Kaipara district and Action Plans have been produced for each area.

Links to Action Plans on right.


For more information on these initiatives contact:

Darlene Lang Gent
Community Relationships Manager on
or 027 532 0006

Lara Stott
Community Advisor on or 021 4387 719

Gail Fotheringham
Community and Recreation Advisor on or 021 434 228




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