How can I reserve a book?   Library Catalogue

If the item you would like to read is on issue, you can reserve the item, either in person, over the telephone or on the internet (a PIN number on your card is necessary for this). You will be contacted when the item arrives. We can contact you by email if you prefer, please see staff to activate this option.

How can I access my library file from home? Login to your account

"Your Account" can be accessed through our online services on the Internet (see "Library Catalogue"). "Your Account" is where you can check what items you currently have out (and when they are due) and a history of items you have read in the last two years. You can also renew items that you would like to keep longer, and reserve items.

How do I get a PIN number?

Please see Library staff to get a PIN number attached to your library membership.

How can I renew items?  Login to your account to renew

In most circumstances items can be re-issued if you would like them out for a longer period. The library has three options available for renewing items: In person at the library with your library card (with or without item to be renewed); Over the telephone, please have your library card handy (we will also ask some questions for security reasons); On the internet (PIN number required).

What if I live outside the Kaipara district? 

We have two options available:

  1. Visitors $20.00 ($10.00 refundable). Up to three months - limit 10 items per card

  2. 6 month subscription $15.00

Ask staff for more details on joining criteria.

Does the library fine on overdue items?

No and Yes. We do have a late return fee of $1.00 per day on some rental items (Best Sellers and DVDs). However, we do not have late return fees on other items and want to keep it that way!

Remember you can renew items if you need them for longer. Email or telephone us (have your library number handy) or get a PIN number when you are next in the library so you can renew items online yourself.

We send a letter or email reminder  if you do have overdue items. If we have to send three reminders for items, a non-refundable administration fee of $5.00 will be charged. A good reason to return or renew your books on time!

How much does it cost to join the library?

It is FREE to join Kaipara Libraries if you are a resident or ratepayer of the Kaipara district. In order to join Kaipara Libraries you will need to bring one form of ID with name and signature (e.g. New Zealand driver's licence, community services card) and an official proof of address less than three months old (e.g. telephone account, power account).



Online requests 

Kaipara District Council
0800 727 059 (24 Hours)
Phone: +64 9 439 7059
Email: council@kaipara.govt.nz


Office hours: 8 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday

Address: 42 Hokianga Road, Dargaville 0310
Address: Unit 6, The Hub, 6 Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai 0505

Mail: Private Bag 1001, Dargaville 0340


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