Temporary Road Closures

A temporary road closure is when a road is formally closed for an road works or an event, such as a car rally, street procession or other celebrations.

In terms of the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) Regulation 1965, Council is required to advertise any road closures with a minimum of 42 days ahead of the event, allowing public a window period of 2 weeks to object to the closures.

Prior to being publicly advertised these applications require an internal review to ensure they are complete and meet Council requirements.  These publications also need to meet deadlines set by the publications company for proofing and editing.  A briefing outlining the details of the event will be sent to a Council meeting for consideration along with any objections which may have been received during the notification period.

Kaipara District Council generally hold monthly Council meetings which are normally timed for the end of the month, often there are longer breaks over the Christmas/New Year periods.  Any submissions for consideration to these meetings need to be compiled and approved by General Managers two weeks prior to the date set for these meetings to ensure inclusion in the agenda.  Once a decision is obtained, and if approved by Council, we can then approve all the required documentation, notify stakeholders, and publicise the final event.

To ensure all deadlines are met well within the required timeframes Council suggests complete applications be submitted at least 3 months ahead of the event.  To avoid any delays applicants must ensure all the required documentation is included with the initial submission as well as the required fee.  Current Fees and Charges are available on the Council’s website.

If you are planning an activity which requires closing the road, please send us a written application a minimum of three months prior to the proposed date.

Included in your application:

What is the process?

Temporary Road Closure Process diagram.