Road Closures (Local)

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Current Work

Post the rainfall events occurring July 16/17 2020 onwards a number of roads have been closed or damaged. 

As at 8am, 22/07/2020 - 

We still have closures in place on the following roads due to flooding:

  • Pukehuia Road, Tangiteroria

Partial Closures in place:

  • Hoyle Road, at RP6727 due to dropout TTM in place restricted to 1 lane
  • Wainue Road, at RP5220 due to dropout partially obstructed, minor cracking
  • Central Road, at RP7780 due to dropout TTM in place
  • Valley Road, at RP1250 Flooding partially obstructed is currently traversable
  • Golden Stairs Road, at RP7466 due to dropout, restricted to 1 lane
  • Campbell Road, at RP0 minor flooding traversable
  • Franklin Road, at RP 4200 due to dropout, TTM in place restricted to 1 lane

State Highway updates can be found via -

Upcoming closures


Speed Limits on Ripiro Beach

The areas shown below around the beach entrances at Glinks Gully and Baylys now have a 30km/h speed limit in place along Ripiro Beach

Remember that the beach is a legal road so follow the road rules; wear safety belts or helmets at all times, use your indicators, keep below the speed limit and never drink and drive. Driving on Ripiro Beach can be treacherous. It is suggested that those not familiar with driving on the beach seek further information.