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Property Revaluation

In communication with the Valuer General’s office these dates are scheduled for the Kaipara District 
Effective date of valuation 01/09/2017
OVG basis and electronic file due at auditors: 27/10/2017
OVG site visit – 2 days commencing: 06/11/2017
Final OVG file delivery prior to implementation: 14/11/2017
Date of implementation: 18/11/2017
Date of public notice: 22/11/2017
Approximate date owners notices posted: 29/11/2017
Objection close date 31/01/2018

Property owner surveys

In preparation for the revaluation, QV rating value has asked owners of accommodation, commercial,
farming, horticultural and forestry property to answer a brief survey about the use of their property and/or land.
For dairy, horticultural and pastoral units we particularly want to know about changing patterns of land use in the area. For rental property owners we have included questions on the earthquake
safety rating of buildings. These surveys were posted mid-April 2017.