Resource Consent Fees

Find out what fees you will need to pay and when you will need to pay them.

Council operates a user-pays policy for processing all resource consent applications.  Council reviews its fees each year through the annual plan process.

How to keep costs down

  • Talk to us before you prepare your application so that you are clear on how your proposal fits under the District Plan.
  • Engage a planning consultant to assist you (particularly for complex applications).
  • Have a pre-application meeting with us to help you make informed decisions.
  • Make sure your application includes all the relevant information and reports so we can process it quickly and efficiently.
  • If you think your neighbours may be adversely affected by what you would like to do, then you may wish to speak to them early and obtain written approval.

Instalment fee

All resource consent applications require an instalment fee to be paid at the time of lodgement with Council.  This instalment fee is non-refundable and the Council will not accept a consent application unless it is accompanied by the required application fee.  The amount of the fee depends on:

  • the type of work or activity you want to do, and
  • whether your application needs to be notified.

The current application instalment fees are contained in our fees and charges.

Paying your application instalment fee

You can pay your application instalment fee online, in person or by post:

  • Online - email for banking instructions
  • In person - visit our customer service centres in Mangawhai or Dargaville
  • By post - send to Resource Consent Applications and reference RM and the applicant's name.
Resource Consent Applications
Kaipara District Council
Unit 6, 6 Molesworth Drive
Mangawhai 0505

Otherwise you will be issued an invoice on receipt of your application which will include details of how you can pay.

Additional charges

All actual and reasonable costs associated with processing your resource consent, plus any disbursements, will be on-charged to you.  In some cases the instalment fee will not be sufficient to cover the processing costs and we will need to invoice you for the additional charges.  This is more likely for complex applications, if information was left out of your application and we had to make a request for information or where specialist review and input was required.

Monitoring charges

An initial monitoring fee will be payable when your resource consent is issued.  If the initial fee is exhausted additional fees will apply.

The monitoring charges include time spent on communication, research and site visits.  The monitoring undertaken depends on:

  • the size of your project
  • the nature of conditions, and
  • additional monitoring required to achieve compliance.

Additional subdivision fees

If you are subdividing there are additional fees for us to check your subdivision consent conditions, assess your survey plan and issue a s223 and s224 certificate.

The subdivision fees are also contained in Council's fees and charges.

Objecting to additional charges

If you consider that the additional charges for the processing of your resource consent are not fair and reasonable, you can pursue a formal objection under s357 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

All formal objections should be addressed to the General Manager, Sustainable Growth and Investment, and must be made in writing no later than 15 working days after you receive the invoice.  You will need to provide specific details on the reasons for the objection.