Amusement Devices

An amusement device requires a permit to operate from council. 

Prior to applying to permission to operate an amusement device in the Kaipara District, the operator must provide to council; 

  1. a completed application to operate an amusement device (see below);
  2. a copy of the current NZ Work Safe certificate of registration for the amusement device;
  3. the appropriate fees; and
  4. a minimum of 10 working days' notice to arrange a site inspection

Applications received in less than 10 working days may be rejected.

Upon receipt of the above council will arrange a suitable time for a site inspection to assess any risk of subsidence of the ground, sufficient clearance between any part of the device, suitable protective fencing or barriers and compliance with any local bylaws. A permit to operate can then be issued. 

Land borne inflatable amusement device

Operators of land borne inflatable amusement devices (e.g. bouncy castles, inflatable slides) do not require a permit to operate, however the operator should be able to demonstrate how the risk to health and safety associated with their use will be managed. 

The following forms and information to assist you;

Please refer to the current fees and charges for costs relating to the application for operating an amusement device.