Specialist Input (Engineering Review of Design)

Consent fees and charges are based on the value of work and include, vetting, processing, inspections, BRANZ and MBIE levies, Code Compliance Certification which are all fixed and required for every application.

A building consent authority must issue building consents only if it is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the proposed building work will comply with the NZ building code.

Applications that include structural engineering calculations can only be verified by qualified persons which involves certified engineers.

Engineering calculations or structural engineering design (SED) requires review by KDC contracting engineers since no processing officer is qualified to assess engineering calculations. This is the situation and practice of many smaller Councils across the country. Simple SED (e.g. “SED beam, raft or waffle slab, etc”) are able to be processed in-house.

Please note: Building consent applications involving foul water and or stormwater, which require specialist input, is currently covered under the building consent fees and charges, however this may change in future.

KDC uses a payment system that is applied at vetting stage prior to processing which does not include any engineering review component for the reasons given above. Kaipara, as with most other smaller building consent authorities does not have in-house engineers but contract engineers that review SED elements. It is the option of applicants to provide a PS2 (engineering design review) from their own CPENG which would usually negate the need for KDC engineer to review & assess the calculations.

A PS2 (design review) is an issued document that underpins a detailed design review by a CPENG that must not be professionally associated with the engineer that issued the PS1 (design).

The ‘review’ that KDC contract engineers undertake is not a ‘PS2’ but rather a ‘review’ of the structural design.

Occasionally for complex engineering design a PS2 will be requested from the KDC engineer since a peer review (PS2) is a far more detailed review than what KDC engineer undertakes.

Please refer to Council Fees & Charges.

‘Professional services and specialist input costs if required will be passed on to applicants and invoiced plus 10%.’