Asbestos is seriously dangerous. It is the number one killer in New Zealand workplaces. Therefore before any demolition work begins where there may be Asbestos, it is the responsibility of the owner or contractor to ensure no Asbestos is present prior to undertaking any demolition. Once Asbestos breaks down (from grinding, drilling or smashing) the fibres are released into the atmosphere and inhaled…..this can cause asbestosis and or mesothelioma causing death.

It is not always easy to know if Asbestos is present since it is often mixed with other products. Do not under any circumstances undertake demolition work unless it is clearly known or established that no Asbestos is present (note – if in doubt – check it out). This applies to building work in alterations that involves some demolition work. Many soffits and cladding material contain Asbestos.

Please refer to Worksafe New Zealand for further information on the removal of Asbestos including who removes it, registered Assessors and where it is to be taken or use this link Worksafe New Zealand

Please also notify the Environmenatl Health Officers at Kaipara District Council for advice and inform us of any Asbestos related matters alternatively call Customer Services on 0800 727 059 and ask to speak to a health representative.