Economic Data


Council engages Infometrics to provide up-to-date economic data on the Kaipara District.

Council makes this information publicly available to assist local businesses and other stakeholders in our District.

Infometrics provides Kaipara District Council with an Annual Economic Profile, a Quarterly Economic Monitor and a Community Profile (demographic data).

Similar Data for Northland as a whole is available via Northland Regional Council’s website as is a Northland Annual Economic Profile.

To recognise the diversity of Kaipara’s communities, the Annual Economic Profile data has also been broken down to apply specifically to the following areas:

Council also commissioned Infometrics to provide Population and Household Projections for Kaipara.  These project how the number of people and households in our district are likely to change over the next 30 years.  These projections are presented in a Population Projections Report and in an interactive Population Projections tool.

Environmental Scan

Council prepares an Environmental Scan report every three years to report on the state of the physical, demographic, economic, and infrastructure environment in which it operates. This includes describing the current state of the environment in which the Council operates and the trends that drive change in this environment. The Environmental Scan is useful for gaining an overview of the District, its people, infrastructure and economy, and the challenges and opportunities it faces. The Environmental Scan is used by Council to inform its planning decisions.

Recommended Bibliography

Council staff recommend the following resources as useful for further study: