A free mobile app that sends you posts & alerts about places you care about around Kaipara – and lets you report Council-related issues directly to us. 

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play​ and save places you care about, like home, work, or school. Antenno will let you know when something relevant to your chosen place(s) happens or is coming up.

iPhone users

Android users

Get notifications direct from Kaipara District Council 

Download Antenno, a free mobile app that sends you notifications and alerts about places and topics you care about – recycling collection days, road closures, water outages, events and more. You’ll get alerts on your home screen, so it’s an easy way to stay informed.

Report issues to Kaipara District Council

You can use the Antenno app to tell us about something that needs fixing or report something directly to us. Just go to the new 'Your reports' menu, and add a report to tell us about it.

You can also add up to three photos too – you don’t have to, but it can really help with some types of reports. You’ll need to add a name and location that’s in Kaipara as the report will be sent to directly to Kaipara District Council’s Customer Services team (and we’ll keep that information private).