Below we have answered questions about dog ownership, visiting the area with your dog and more.

Q: How can I purchase a Dog Collar? 

The price for all KDC supplied collars from 11 August 2017 is:

  • Extra Small/Small sizing – $8.00 each (incl gst)
  • Medium/Large sizing – $10.00 each (incl gst)

Customers can purchase from the KDC Offices at Dargaville or Mangawhai.

Q: How much is dog registration?

You can find the cost of registering a dog in our Fees and Charges.

Q: I am away during July. What  shall I do about reregistering my dog?

If possible, ask the person who is looking after your dog to reregister it for you or come to the Kaipara District Council in Dargaville or Mangawhai and we will work something out for you.

Q: I am visiting from another district- do I need to let you know about my dog?

If you are in the Kaipara district for more than six weeks, you will need to come in and swap the tag you have for a Kaipara tag. There is no charge for this, you will also need to fill out a registration form.

Q: Can I adopt a dog from Animal Management.

Yes. There are some stages:

  1. Visit the dog once you have done this, we will check that is it a suitable dog for adoption. We will record your name and contact details and discuss the adoption fee with you. This fee includes registration and microchipping
  2. Call us back eight days after the dog was impounded to ensure it is still available
  3. We will send an animal control officer to do a property inspection and if all is ok, the dog will be put on our neutering list. This is one of the conditions of adoption
  4. If the dog is still available and you have had your inspection and paid the fee, you will be able to collect your new pet and your new owner pack

Q: How can I pay my dog infringement/fine?

If you have received an infringement notice from the Animal Management section you should carefully read the details of your rights and obligations on the reverse of the notice.

The infringement fee cannot be paid by time payment and must be paid all at once, in full (one payment only) to the Council within 28 days of the notice's date of issue.

Payment may be made at either the Dargaville Council office or Mangawhai Servcie Centre by cash, cheque or eftpos, or by posting a cheque to the Council at Private Bag 1001, Dargaville 0340 - along with details of the notice (number etc).

If the infringement fee is not paid within the 28 days, the Council will send a reminder allowing some further time and then a final courtesy letter before the notice is referred to the District Court for collection. Once a notice has been referred to the Court, the fee can no longer be paid to the Council.

Council does not encourage owners to delay payment, however if an owner is unable to pay in one payment they may wait for the infringement notice to be referred to the Court, at which time the Court may allow them to pay off the amount owing over a period. The amount owing at this point will also include a Court lodgement fee, and the Court may also add some collection fees.

You should contact the Court to see whether additional fees apply to you and if so how much these are.

If you have any questions about any infringement notice you have received please read the rights and obligations on the reverse of the notice. If you still have questions, please call Animal Management on 0800 727 059.

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Online requests 

Kaipara District Council
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Office hours: 8 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday

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