Overweight and over dimension permits

The majority of the vehicles travelling within our district are given full access to all of our roads and bridges. The only restrictions, apart from the usual traffic regulations contained in the NZ Road Code are when weight and speed limits imposed by Council do not allow for the safe passage of vehicles.  See our latest public notification of restricted roads and bridges.

There are strict controls on the weight and axle loads of overweight vehicles. This is to protect our road network. If your vehicle exceeds the load limits, you need to apply for an overweight permit before you travel.

Is my vehicle overweight?

Check general mass (weight) limits on New Zealand roads

To apply for an overweight permit within the Kaipara District:

We suggest applicants allow as much processing time and plan ahead where possible to avoid disappointment.  To assist us in attaining a comprehensive database Council has introduced a fee for the processing of permits.  Please note that Council will only charge for approved permits. 

The cost per permit can be found in the latest fees and charges currently adopted by council.  Council is not currently issuing area wide permits, only route specific.

50 Max permits

All 50 max permits are applied for via the NZTA website or email application to info@50max.govt.nz If the applicant requires a special permission permit for bridges that are currently non 50max complaint the applicant can complete a STD overweight application form and submit this to council with their approved 50max permit issued by NZTA attached.  These permits will be reviewed on a case by case basis.