Bylaws are local legislation, enforceable by either Council staff or other nominated agencies.

In most cases, Council makes bylaws under the Local Government Act 2002 and they are generally made for one or more of the following purposes: 

  • protecting the public from nuisance 
  • protecting, promoting, and maintaining public health and safety 
  • minimising the potential for offensive behaviour in public places. 

Our bylaws cover a wide range of Council functions. 

When making, amending or revoking a bylaw, we consult with the public before making a decision. 

Review of General Consolidated Bylaw 

Kaipara District Council is proposing to replace our expiring Consolidated General Bylaw with a new Consolidated General Bylaw (the Bylaw) and is in the process of obtaining community feedback before making a final decision.

The closing date for submissions was 19 June 2020.   The General Bylaws Panel will be hearing submitters on 30 June and will deliberate on the matters raised in submissions on 6 August.  The final draft Bylaw will be presented to Council for a decision at the Council meeting on 30 September.

Contact us on 0800 727 059 or if you have any queries regarding this process.

Kaipara District Council Bylaws

General Bylaws 2008

Alcohol Control Bylaw 2018

Wastewater Drainage Bylaw 2016

Speed Limits Bylaw 2018

Policy on Dogs & Dog Bylaw 2019

Taharoa Domain Bylaw 2019

If you wish to make a complaint about a bylaw breach, or have a general inquiry about any of our bylaws, please contact us on:

Via Webform
By telephone: Dog, Stock and Noise Control – 0800 105 890
By email: