Appeal Documents and Consent Orders

Settlement of Appeals to the Proposed Kaipara District Plan

Eighteen Appeals were lodged with the Environment Court to the Proposed Kaipara District Plan.  All Appeals are now settled, with Consent Orders signed and returned by the Court.

Consent Orders Issued - Proposed Plan

These are the documents that the Environment Court releases once the Appeal topics have been settled. All Appeals to the Proposed Plan are now settled. The provisions within the Consent Orders are now Operative.
Meridian Energy - Chapter 22 Financial Contributions
Meridian Energy - partial consent order for assessment criteria
Forestry - (transport) topic
Natural Hazards - Chapter 7 and Fire Safety Rules
Hazardous Substances - Rules 12.10.21, 14.10.21 and Appendix 25D
Fire Safety Rule - 13.10.26,14.10.26,15A.10.25 and 15B.10.25
Chapter 16 - Estuary Estates
Heritage - Chapter 17
Fonterra - Rules 12.10.7, 12.1.09, 12.15.14, 12.15.15, 13.10.08, 14.10.7, 14.10.14, Map 20 and 50, and Maps Appendix A: Growth Area Maungaturoto


Appeals to the Proposed Kaipara District Plan:

N and J Cullen pdf-logo
Mangawhai Ratepayers and Residence Association pdf-logo
Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc) pdf-logo
Hancock Forest Management New Zealand  Limited pdf-logo
New Zealand Historic Places Trust pdf-logo
Department of Conservation (Northland Conservancy) pdf-logo
Kaipara District Council pdf-logo
Northpower Limited pdf-logo
Fonterra co-operative Group Limited pdf-logo
Henry pdf-logo
Pouto Topu A Trust and Ors pdf-logo
Booth and Others pdf-logo
The Estuary Land Company Limited pdf-logo
Duck Nominees Limited pdf-logo
Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society inc pdf-logo
Meridian Energy Limited pdf-logo
Summary List of Parties pdf-logo
Transpower 14 November 2011 pdf-logo
Transpower 17 November 2011 pdf-logo
NZ Transport Agency pdf-logo



Appeals to Variation 1 Outstanding Natural Landscapes

Eight Appeals were lodged with the Environment Court to Variation 1 Outstanding Natural Landscapes.
Here are the Appeals:

Federated Farmers


Meridian Energy


Department of Conservation


Environment Defence Society


Welch Investment


Farmers of New Zealand and Thomas Coates Estate Trustees





Variation 1 Consent Orders

  This is the document that the Environment Court releases once the Appeal topics are settled.
Consent Order Number 2 pdf-logo

Engineering Standards 2011

Council's Engineering Standards are a reference document to the Kaipara District Plan.  The District Plan in one of the main 'triggers' for when the Engineering Standards must be complied with.  The Engineering Standards 2009 were reviewed as a result of submissions to the Proposed District Plan.  One aspect of that review was to reconsider how the two documents, the Standards and the Plan, relate and refer to each other.  It was decided that most engineering matters would be retained as a reference to Council's Engineering Standards in the Matters of Assessment within the District Plan, rather than incorporated within the rule itself.  However, for those aspects of the Standards that are relevant to efforts on the environment, then they would be incorporated within the rule itself, for example vehicle crossings.  The updated Engineering Standards 2011 and the District Plan reflect these changes.


Engineering Standards 2011

PDF Download

Table of Contents pdf-logo
Part One - General Provisions pdf-logo
Part Two - General Design Provisions pdf-logo
Part Three - Quality Assurance Requirements pdf-logo
Part Four - Land Stability and Earthworks pdf-logo
Part Five - Roads and Access pdf-logo
Part Six - Stormwater Drainage pdf-logo
Part Seven - Wastewater Reticulation and On-Site Treatment pdf-logo
Part Eight - Water Supply and Reticulation pdf-logo
Part Nine - Landscape Design and Practice pdf-logo
Part Ten - Network Utilities pdf-logo
Appendix A - Drawings: Index pdf-logo
Appendix A - Drawings: Part One pdf-logo
Appendix A - Drawings: Part Two pdf-logo
Appendix A - Drawings: Part Three pdf-logo
Appendix A - Drawings: Part Four pdf-logo
Appendix B - Mangawhai EcoCare Project: Pump Stations Communication Standard pdf-logo
Kaipara District Council Engineering Standards 2011 (whole document) pdf-logo


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